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Root Canal Safety
Covington, WA

Dental teeth, mouth, gums dentists teaching model at Peak Endodontics in Covington, WAA damaged tooth is a common dental problem, which affects many people. However, despite being common, it can lead to an unbearable experience – pain and inflammation – and if left untreated, it can result in the loss of the tooth and the spread of the infection to other teeth, the gums, and the jawbone. It is therefore important to treat the tooth as soon as possible, which not only helps to save it but also prevents other additional dental problems. At Peak Endodontics we offer several safe dental solutions for damaged teeth, including root canal therapy.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a dental treatment used to repair and save damaged teeth. The treatment involves treating the root canal – the innermost part of the tooth that contains pulp, nerve endings, and blood vessels. During the treatment, the damaged or infected pulp matter is removed, and then the canal is cleaned and filled up to prevent further infection.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

A root canal treatment is necessary when your tooth is infected as a result of decay, and when the infection has spread to the pulp. Root canal therapy might also be necessary following a dental trauma if the injury has caused damage to the innermost parts of the pulp.

It is possible to identify whether you might require root canal treatment through the following symptoms of a damaged or infected tooth:
•  Tooth pain
•  Swelling of the gums around the affected tooth
•  Tenderness of the surrounding gum tissue
•  An abscess around a tooth - for advanced infection

The Root Canal Treatment Procedure

If you are experiencing any signs and symptoms of an infected tooth or following a dental trauma, you should immediately visit us. During the visit, we will evaluate the condition of the affected tooth using dental x-rays to determine if you require the treatment. If we determine you need the treatment, we will then proceed to carry out the procedure.

The root canal procedure is safely carried out under local anesthesia, which is applied around the affected tooth. Additional sedation using nitrous oxide gas might also be offered, depending on your specific situation. Following sedation, the tooth will be covered with a rubber dam to ensure that it remains dry during the procedure. An access hole will then be made to the root canal by drilling the tooth. The damaged or infected pulp material will then be removed by sucking it out. The scraping of the canal walls might also be necessary to dislodge any damaged pulp material.

After removing the damaged pulp, the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and then sealed. A temporary or permanent filling can be used for this purpose. If a temporary filling material is used, an additional appointment will be required to replace it with a permanent sealant. After this, a dental crown will be placed over the tooth, thus protecting it from any further damage.

Do you have an abscess around your tooth or are you suffering from a toothache? You might require root canal treatment. Call Peak Endodontics today at 425-358-9033 to schedule an appointment.
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Do you have an abscess or are you suffering from a toothache? You might require root canal treatment. Call Peak Endodontics today to schedule an appointment.
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